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This post today is a variation of different date post. I'll be doing a number of these on my blog, as it's easier for me to write, add and go back to my draft, then do a finalised post.
I don't know if any other independent/popular bloggers do this, but... it works for me!

So here goes...

30th July:
I currently have a salt and warm water drenched cotton ball squished up my nose, holding another drenched cotton ball pressed onto my pierced area, a freshly moisturised face, and a towel drying my mop that is my high maintenance hair. I feel so pretty this morning. *face palm*

31st July:
Watching Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, such a child. The child within. Handstands in the garden. Not my garden, I'm currently at my boyfriend's parent's house and chilling with the dogs to some music, taking advantage of the lovely July sunshine.

3rd August:

  • HAPPY AUGUST! How has your weekend been? I hope that it's been spectacular. Mine has.

Thursday afternoon I headed to Leicester to Luke's, a day early. Friday I spent the day chilling, watching a new series: My Wet Hot American Summer, with the likes of Paul Rudd, Amy Poelher, Bradley Cooper, Michael Cera and literally so many more well known actors/actresses!

The Saturday we had a slight lie-in before meeting a friend in Leicester. The three of us went to The Orange Tree in the city for a few drinks, but of course I saw a scrumptious have-to-have-it kind of dessert on offer: ANY regular drink with a dark chocolate and ginger torte. Now the torte had ginger flavoured cream, my god it was spectacular! I even let the guys try some, thinking they were glad I let them have a bite.

We then left our friend, and went to the cinema, and what did we see? The new Mission Impossible film and it was well worth it. Goodies in hand, too. Then for a meal we went. Now we've always been to places like Handmade Burger Company and Zizzi's. This time we tried Cafe Rouge. It was pretty impressive, but the portions are a little bit small compared to what we're used to having.
I guess that means we are piggies. I am anyway... Luke can be sometimes. Bless us.We'll learn one day! *Tries to eat good food.*

Of course what did we have? We had STEAK. How do we like it? MEDIUM-RARE. I apologise for those that don't eat meat and choose not to. Hats off to you. We both just love the taste so much.
French fries, too, with a lobster based sauce. Companied by a vin rouge and Chambord cocktail, finished nicely with my melting chocolate pudding with raspberry finishes and Luke's Caramel Brulee.

I could've easily had more of the melting pudding. It was more than divine.

7th August: It is the WEEKEND, once again. The bear is over at mine and going to the city on Saturday to check some vintage shops, record shops and enquire at one of our favourite pubs for the Summerslam wrestling show in a few weeks time.

I went into Lush this week, on Monday after a meeting. Picked up myself some damn good bath goodies. Two bath bombs and two bar soaps. These two have to be my favourite, which I've used, I still have plenty of the bar soap on the right side. The bath bomb has of course, been plonked into my bath and loved and used.
I have another to use tonight before Luke arrives. It's called a 'butterball' and smells AMAZING and everything I want in a bath product. It's going to make my skin feel like I've bathed in milk. Like the Egyptian Princesses and Queens used to all those years ago.
I wonder if the Queen bathes in milk, and just doesn't admit to it...

Then when I got back home, I recorded a quick vlog type video. I'm quite ill still but was that day and royally didn't have the energy or effort to make a tutorial like I said I was. A crimping hair tutorial was going to be up, but... lack of effort, lack of a great video.

I did receive my first comment from a fellow YouTuber from the other side of the world though! She praised me for my personality and channel and said she loves my videos! I am honoured. I'm glad that someone out there is enjoying me.

ANOTHER update as well: I've just started modelling and created a portfolio page:
coralkarina @ Purple

The website is a community for artists, for me I'm using it as a model and searching for photographers however you can use it as:
  • A Photographer
  • Photoshop Artist
  • Hairstylist
  • Make-up Artist
  • Studio Provider
You name it. It's just a fantastic community! I've only been on it for almost two days now. Yesterday my inbox was full of Artists wanting to work with me and collaborate and me be a model for them. Was so busy!
I have my first shoot booked in two weeks on Sunday. Possible shoots soon, too.
But I'm ever so excited as some of my favourite Photographers have given me their interest and said they'd love to work with me. So I'm SO HAPPY about that.

I have yet have my first professionally put together modelling photo for a portfolio; All I have is my iPhone 'selfies', but they've proved to be good enough for talented Photographers to come and want to collaborate.

So yes. That's what I've been doing this past few weeks.

I'm looking forward to possibly hearing from you guys.

I'd love if you could leave some comments and tell me, WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS THIS WEEKEND?

Yours, Coral. xoxo