For the Love of Bloggers: My Discovery

15:52 coral kd 0 Comments

I have amazingly and literally just come across and discovered the most beautiful lifestyle blog. I've delved into her blog that deeply that I've forgotten how I actually got to it:

It has to be everything I ask for in a blog. 

From her writing, the photographs she takes, her love of photography and how it appears she is in love with life. To the allover feel of the blog, the way in which she notes down her adventures, her every day life.
She writes so truthfully and I feel almost intrusive. I wish I hadn't come across it as I feel as if I'm being rude towards her for sharing this and even reading and viewing with my own eyes, but her testament is utterly breathtaking.
Her taste. The way she comes across, is beautiful to me.

Actually, I have just come across this paragraph in one of her posts;
"When I stopped posting solely about my photography and started sharing my thoughts an interesting thing happened. The emails I received were no longer short messages from people saying they loved my work and asking what camera I used. I began getting intense, deep letters from people who told me my honesty and perspective have had a lasting impact on their lives. That my words had gifted them courage to follow their dreams or that I had showed them the beauty in the world they had overlooked. My life lessons became theirs too. They are my reason."- It seems as if she's been getting A LOT of love for her artistry. Yes, to all of those people. You know where's it's at!

This I feel creepy for doing, y'know... Writing a post about a woman from across the earth that I know nothing about. But all I know is reading her entries and seeing her photography, makes me extremely happy. She's made me feel so much inspiration this evening, though it's 11:14PM in the U.K.

I cannot wait to see what she posts in the future and what she's been getting up to and creating.

I'm not sure if this is allowed, I think it is, I'll go ahead and give you an example of what divine content she posts:

Adoration of this lady and her art/blog should be high.
She is now my #1 favourite.

I hope that you appreciate her, too.

Have a wonderful day!

Coral. xoxo